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3M Crystalline vs 3M Ceramic IR: What Window Tint is Best for Your Vehicle?

Your car can be elevated with window tint. A window film can improve your car’s appearance and provide greater road vision, among other advantages. How can you choose the right window tint for your requirements when there are so many choices today?


You’ll undoubtedly hear about 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic IR window tint as you shop around. These are some of the top choices available right now. But picking one over the other might be quite difficult. BC Wayne Window Tinting & Car Detailing is fortunately here to assist you! We have been in business since 1986, so we have some window tinting expertise.


In this article, we’ll go over more window tinting options and highlight the significant distinctions between 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic IR window tints.

Options for car window tinting

Let’s first discuss the huge range of car tinting alternatives available on the market before we go into some well-known brand-name items and how they differ.


Metallic window film

This cutting-edge window tint option offers enhanced heat protection as well as high levels of UV protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Small metal particles are used to create metalized window tint, which helps to obscure sunlight. Along with these benefits, our window tint reinforces your windows and reduces the likelihood that they will break.


colored window film

The reputation of dyed window tint is a flexible, inexpensive choice. The various dyed film layers used to create this tint are made to absorb sunlight, which helps to lower the temperature inside your car. One of the best-dyed window film options is 3M’s Obsidian Series, which offers better UV protection thanks to the company’s patented Infuse Technology. If you want to tint your windows on a tight budget, this is a high-quality, reasonably-priced choice.


Window tint with carbon

A premium alternative is carbon tint, which is produced using carbon particles. Its capacity to obstruct heat, even on the hottest days of the year, is one of its top advantages. In addition to lasting longer than other solutions, carbon window tint is a wise investment.


Integrated Window Tint

In this window tint, dyed and metalized tinting options are combined. This remedy often entails a colored and metallic flakes-infused film. Because it is neither overly dark nor too reflective, as can happen with these tints individually, many automobile owners adore their hybrid tint.


Tinting crystals

Consider using crystalline window tint if you’re seeking for a less noticeable tinting solution. Crystalline tinting, in contrast to other choices, provides a high level of protection without the overt tinted-window appearance. A translucent finish provides UV and infrared protection.


Ceramic Color

Ceramic, one of the best window tints in the industry, is the final popular window tinting option. In actuality, this choice has a few drawbacks and all of the advantages mentioned above. Ceramic tint offers up to 95% IR rejection and 99% UV rejection because of its ceramic-infused film construction.


Tint 3M Windows

The 3M brand is popular among automobile owners when it comes to window tint. High-quality window tints are offered by this supplier, which is regarded as the best in the business. Three main series are available from 3M at varied pricing points. Each series offers excellent UV protection, reinforces your windows, and controls your car’s temperature during the sweltering summer months. For many years, 3M has been creating window tints, so you can rely on their knowledge! Let’s talk about the window tinting alternatives offered by 3M and which can be the greatest for your car.

Crystalline Film by 3M

The 3M Crystalline Series is one of the best automobile films currently available on the market. The benefits that matter the most are offered by this color.


3M Crystalline Tint: what is it?

A cutting-edge window tinting option is 3M Crystalline car window film, which has 200 layers of nanotechnology-based film. Compared to many other today’s darker films, this multilayer optical film technology offers higher heat reduction. Additionally, it does it without altering the car’s appearance. Additionally, the 3M Crystalline Series offers the potential to lessen glare, offering you a more comfortable driving experience and clearer eyesight. Additionally, this tint contains no metal, so it won’t obstruct the reception of satellite radio or other electronic devices.


The 3M Crystalline Tint’s level of darkness

Seven distinct options are available for the 3M Crystalline Window Film, allowing you to select the appropriate level of darkness for your requirements and applicable state laws. It’s safe to state that the Crystalline Series from 3M is worth the extra expense. However, the Ceramic IR and Obsidian Series, with some amazing advantages and simpler price points, should be taken into consideration if you’re seeking a more economical solution.

3M’s Ceramic Film

The ceramic tinting solutions offered by 3M are also among the best in the business.


3M Ceramic IR Tint: What is it?

Additionally, 3M has premium ceramic tints for sale, including the 3M Ceramic IR Series

. This tint has a fantastic appearance because it is blended with ceramic material. Additionally, the Ceramic Series reduces heat entering your car by 59% and blocks up to 95% of the sun’s infrared rays. Additionally, you should expect this film to reject 66% of the sun’s energy. This safeguards not only your skin but also the inside decorations of your car, including the seats. For individuals seeking solitude, ceramic choices make excellent protective films. Privacy is a wonderful benefit for you and your assets because it can block up to 92% of visible light.


Amazing clarity is another benefit. Since there is no metal in this movie, it has a natural tone with unobstructed views. Additionally, it is resistant to scratches, so the tint will remain clear and endure for years!


The 3M Ceramic Tint is how dark?

Similar to Crystalline, Ceramic tinting is available in a range of hues, allowing you to satisfy any individual preferences or state regulations.

Obsidian 3M

The 3M Obsidian Series offers another well-liked tinting option. This film is reasonably priced, long-lasting, resistant to fading, and offers potent heat protection.


3M Obsidian Tint: What is it?

In comparison to dyed films and other choices, this tint variant is far more resilient. The 3M Obsidian Series is a preferred choice for vehicle owners since it is built with 3M’s patented Infuse Technology. Up to 44% of the solar radiation coming through your windows is blocked, while UV light is protected to 99%. There will also be a 91% reduction in glare, which will improve your visibility and help you drive safely.

The primary variations between 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic IR Tints

There are many similarities between 3M Crystalline and 3M Ceramic, but they differ in the precise technology employed to create these premium films.


Another distinction to take into account is that 3M Crystalline often costs more than ceramic. Your needs will ultimately determine the best choice. All three choices are excellent, but 3M Crystalline would win if we were to choose the best of the best. The best heat protection is offered, among many other benefits.

Top Factors to Take into Account When Choosing Auto Tint

Looking to replace your window tint? If so, you ought to conduct some research before choosing a purchase. Before anything else, decide how much money you want to spend. Although there are many different window tint options, they don’t all have the same price ranges and benefits.


Consider the intensity of your window tint as well. While going completely black may be what you want, it can be against the law in your jurisdiction. In light of this, be sure to check your local rules regarding car window tint. If you live in Pennsylvania, see our blog post on the state’s window-tinting regulations or reach out to BC Wayne Window Tinting & Car Detailing if you have any additional questions.


Consider the qualities that are most important to you. Which is more important to you: heat rejection, glare reduction, or UV protection? Choosing the attributes you require can assist in focusing your search.

Last but not least, you should always use a reputable window tinting business. You may avoid the headache of changing or fixing your window tint by choosing the correct business. Rely on BC Wayne Window Tinting & Car Detailing‘s professionals for window tint installation in Wayne, Pennsylvania, and high-quality customer service.

The top auto tinting service in Wayne

BC Wayne Window Tinting & Car Detailing is here to meet your needs whether you’re looking for 3M Crystalline, 3M Ceramic, or another type of tinting! Being a 3M licensed vehicle window film dealer makes us pleased. We offer 3M tints with a limited lifetime warranty, including 3M Crystalline, 3M Ceramic, and 3M Obsidian. A window film can significantly enhance the appearance and feel of your vehicle. Our tints offer a number of advantages, such as essential heat rejection, defense against dangerous UV radiation, glare reduction, and increased privacy.


Look no further than BC Wayne Window Tinting & Car Detailing if you want to improve your car with high-quality tinting services. We’re pleased to offer the best tinting services to the entire Bergen County area. 


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