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Looking for someone to service your car or tint your windows in nj?

BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing is a reliable car service and auto window tinting service in Wayne, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. Our team consists of professionals who have extensive years of experience. We are familiar with every detail, factors, processes, and methods on how to finish with a high-quality tinting job.

We accept any job size, no matter how big or small, and no matter how basic or customized.

If you’re from Wayne, New Jersey, and are looking for a professional auto service and window tinting service – do not hesitate to give us a call! Our friendly staff will attend to your inquiries immediately!

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Auto Detailing

BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing gives mobile automobile describing services throughout Wayne, New Jersey! Until today, our goal has been to go beyond all assumptions and supplies the most effective solution possible to our clients. We use the best items in the industry that are risk-free. We offer Car Detailing in NJ.

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Backup Cameras

If your car doesn't currently have a backup electronic camera (rearview video camera), it's more than likely that your following brand-new cars and trucks will. Rear view mirrors have actually been a vital item of car tools for greater than a century. We offer Backup Camera Installation in NJ.

audio installation in Wayne NJ

Car Audio

BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing is the greatest in the business at making your vehicle sound far better than anyone's car! Our car audio service technicians can set up the gizmo, repair malfunctioning components, upgrade existing systems, or establish a whole bundle to your specific needs. We offer Car Audio Installation in NJ.

ceramic coating in Wayne, NJ

Ceramic Coating

Are you tired of giving your dirty vehicle yet another bath? Do water spots, dust, and gunk hang on to your car? Ceramic Coating is your solution. It includes extra protection to your auto's exterior and helps preserve it looking new with rather very little upkeep. We offer Ceramic Coating in NJ.

Radar Detector in Wayne NJ

Radar Systems

Radar sensing units are currently being presented in today's autos to stay clear of important scenarios and minimize the main reason for crashes. BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing offers a range of market-leading radar systems that supply a broad selection of effective safety functions. We offer Radar Systems in NJ.

window tinting in Wayne NJ

Auto Window Tint Installation

BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing has the best team of experts who went through comprehensive training and have extensive years of experience in auto tinting. We have the required skills, proper knowledge, and perfected methods to offer a high-quality window tinting service. We offer Auto Window Tint Installation in NJ.

tint removal in Wayne NJ

Auto Window Tint Removal

A time will come you will need to have your window tints removed. Maybe it's because your tints are damaged, or simply because it's old and it's starting to show some cracks. BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing are experts in removal and installation of window films. We offer Auto Window Tint Removal in NJ.

WHY CHOOSE BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing?

Trained & Experienced Professionals

Our team only has the best and highly-trained professionals. They're experts in any job that has to do with auto window tinting. With years of experience, we've perfected the methods and processes in order to finish with high-quality results.

Affordable & Reasonable Prices

Integrity is a big part of our reputation. We do not over charge our clients. We only give prices that are reasonable and as affordable as it can be.

Responsible & On time

We highly value our relationship with our clients - this is why we stick to our responsibilities in keeping them satisfied by meeting their expectations and finishing our work on time.

Clean Work

As professionals, we do our work extra careful. We treat your car like our own. We make sure to pay attention even to the smallest detail. Expect to see your car looking clean and neat - no fingerprint markings, no bubbles on the tint, and other mess.




Everyone values privacy. We customize tints based on your level of comfort.

Safety & Security

It is important to ensure that your personal things inside the car are not accessible to the eye of people who have bad intentions.

UV Protection

Tinted Windows tend to Block up to 99% of UV rays that is extremely harmful. It also reduces the heat inside the vehicle from 35-65%.


Nicely Tinted windows that perfectly suit your car adds a stylish look to your vehicle.


We go into more detail below in our FAQ’s!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Price is vehicle specific. The best way to get a free estimate is to give us a call or message us.

Q: Can any windows be tinted?

A: Usually, yes they can. In automotive, any glass can be tinted but there are window tinting rules to be aware of. For example, windscreens and front windows alongside the driver, are limited to a maximum of 70% tint, unlike the rears that can be tinted to 5%, which is extremely dark.

Q: Can I tint my windows on my own?

A: You certainly can, as with most automotive customization services, but it takes skill to get it right, which is why many people opt to go with a professional to get the job done right the first time. Using the best materials available often makes far more sense than using cheap window film, so if you feel you cannot afford the best, we would suggest holding on until you can. Spending cheap will only end in the work needing to be redone and then you are paying twice.

Q: How long does it take to tint the windows on my vehicle?

A: Vehicles vary from one to the next. The average installation time is about an hour. Some factors that may play a part in the time involved are: what kind of vehicle it is; the number of installers working on the vehicle; if there are any unforeseen scenarios that come up, such as a rear deck lid needs to come out; or If old tint removal is involved.

Q: What does window tinting do?

  • Decrease heat – BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing films can reduce heat in the car by rejecting up to 63% of solar energy when compared to standard automotive glass. This will improve comfort within the car and reduces the amount of air conditioning needed, particularly on warm days. Not only will the car feel far more neutral when you step in, but if you use this for a store or a home you can save the room from becoming too warm. This is an excellent way to keep the sun out of your face and out of the room, allowing everything to stay nice and calm.
  • Reduces Glare – Although this might not be something that immediately springs to mind when considering window tinting, it can actually be a great aid when trying to reduce glare from the sun and headlights at night. These are both potentially dangerous scenarios when driving. If you find those mornings when the sun is bouncing off the road a bit hard to deal with, you can give yourself much greater comfort this way.
  • Protects from UV rays – No more trucker arm with effective window tinting, UV’s can be reduced by 99%, making your car a safe place from the sun. This will also protect your interior surfaces and fabrics from fading, caused by direct sunlight. Additionally, with skin safety more important than ever these days it can be a useful way to keep yourself away from excess sun exposure.
  • Safety & Security – Having a film of protection on your vehicle glass will actually help add a safety element if involved in a road traffic collision by preventing shards of glass flying into the vehicle. It can also make your possessions less obvious to any potential smash and grab criminality. These windows are reinforced and would take a significant force to put them through – you can rely on both the quality of the glass, as well as how sturdy it is.
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