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Professional Auto Window Tint Removal Service in Wayne NJ


Looking for an expert Window Tint Removal Service in NJ?

Is your window tint too dark? Or are you starting to realize your tints are low quality because of the bubbles and cracks showing? It is best if you have it removed and replaced with the best grade film. BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing has a team of Professionals who can carefully and neatly remove window tints and reinstall new ones.

Removing a window tint is not an easy job because of its strong, sticky adhesive. This process can be time-consuming and needs to be done by a professional. The defrost lines on the rear window is a sensitive area that needs careful removal of window tints, otherwise it may damage the vehicle.

Different states have different window tint regulations. If your vehicle doesn’t comply with the required grade and failed to pass the inspection, this may result in fines. In this case, you will need to have your tints removed and replaced with tints that meet the state’s regulations.

Whether you need an auto tint removal or installation services, BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing has the BEST service. We service the whole Wayne and its surrounding areas. Give us a call and our staff will attend to your inquiries immediately!

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Are you looking for a reliable auto tinting service?

Look no further – BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing is a professional window tinting company. We are experts in this field, from removal to installations. We have the professional workmanship, extensive knowledge, perfected methods, and proper tools to do the job right.

WHAT MAKES BC Window Tinting and Car Detailing DIFFERENT?

Trained & Experienced Professionals

Our team only has the best and highly-trained professionals. They're experts in any job that has to do with auto window tinting. With years of experience, we've perfected the methods and processes in order to finish with high-quality results.

Affordable & Reasonable Prices

Integrity is a big part of our reputation. We do not over charge our clients. We only give prices that are reasonable and as affordable as it can be.

Responsible & On time

We highly value our relationship with our clients - this is why we stick to our responsibilities in keeping them satisfied by meeting their expectations and finishing our work on time.

Clean Work

As professionals, we do our work extra careful. We treat your car like our own. We make sure to pay attention even to the smallest detail. Expect to see your car looking clean and neat - no fingerprint markings, no bubbles on the tint, and other mess.

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